Equipment and film crew


Collaborator/GUARDIAN – a specialized individual whose errand is to welcome you the hardware on the set, care for it and give specialized help. On account of the photograph tap, we ensure unfurling, setting and collapsing the gadget.

FILM PRODUCER – picking a help with a film maker, we will give a certified worker who will take creative photographs for the film for you. He will be liable for outlining, honing and making prepared efforts as per a given situation. It serves numerous long periods of involvement, hence it can help in the fundamental examination of a film thought, as well as propose cinematography answers for individual shots. It will actually want to set up the lighting set and understand the sound utilizing microports or a recorder.

Movie chief, creation supervisor, lighting specialist, sound designer – for projects requiring the arrangement of a bigger film team (more convoluted structures requiring a content, content and longer groundwork for creation), we will set up a statement separately subsequent to surveying the undertaking.

After creation of the film/altering and sound handling – we can decide the valuation of administrations connected with after creation in the wake of exploring the film material. The typical cost for full after creation of a film is between 10-25h. Extra activitys or illustrations will be autonomously estimated.

Music copyrights, voice-over administrations – a vital and significant component of after creation. Cost to be resolved additionally in the wake of perusing the subject of the film, client inclinations and the underlying idea/script.

Film creations are made utilizing Blackmagic 4K and 6K cameras. In mix with film focal points and the right extras, you can get a delightful, true to life picture. We likewise utilize a DJI Ronin RS2 PRO COMBO gimbal, which is ideally suited for smooth shots. Our deal likewise incorporates a camera projection and sliders – supporting smooth and intriguing shots according to different points of view.